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Precision diagnostics and prognostics technology for real-time clinical data

analysis and decision support.

Who we are

A Swedish technology company with the goal of enabling healthier lives.

Giddir is a Swedish technology company that enables healthier lives through the next generation of decision support systems for healthcare, with reliable and traceable diagnostic guidance powered by Artificial Intelligence, empowering early and proactive healthcare where it is needed most and accelerates the time from test to propper care.


Connectivity through

the Giddir platform.

The Giddir platform is an integrated diagnostics & prognostics system that brings unprecedented high-quality data connectivity, by making it possible to connect physicians, institutions, and patients all around the world to one shared platform. Our platform gives physicians all the data and tools needed to get a holistic view of a patient's medical state, history, and trends enabling data-driven decisions and delivery of personalized care with guidance from our AI. Less time spent digging through medical records, means more time treating and engaging with patients.

Patient engagement like

never before. 

We believe that it is every individual's right to have access to their medical data and information about their health. through our patient application, we make this possible by enabling physicians to give patients access to their medical data. Powerful data visualization tools make it easy for users to understand and make sense of their medical data. Our AI empowers patient engagement by enabling every individual to take control of their own health, and all the information needed to proactively discover health risks and take action.


We're taking on the fight for a Coronafree world.

Giddir is leading the Coronafree initiative with the aim to provide a secure and effective method of managing Covid-19 test results and the return to freedom of moment in a post-lockdown society. By providing a digital solution that streamlines the entire digital flow and clinical decision process for doctors, with the ability to issue digital health certificates for individuals Who are clinically determined to be healthy and not at risk of spreading the infection.


An integrated system to issue and verify coronavirus "Health certificates" to facilitate the transition to a post-lock down life


Taking on today's and tomorrow's challenges with meaningful AI.   

We believe in the immense positive impact that applied AI and Machine Learning can have on people's lives, and how with the right use of data massive advancements can be made within healthcare. It is our mission to enable and empower medical professionals with the technology and tools needed, to do what they do best even better. While at the same time engaging patients more, by making their health data easily accessible, empowering every individual to take control of their own health.


We believe in the strength of a dedicated team, with a shared 

vision of improving lives.

We are the collective of individuals 

combining their broad range of expertise and knowledge in medical science, data science, software engineering, jurisprudence, business, and design. Together we take on the fight for a healthier world.

Jonathan Söderström

CEO & Head Of Product


Ulf Löfström

COO & Chairman


Charles Bukenya

CTO & Lead Developer


SereyVisith Sokhan

Senior Software Engineer


PhD. Sayyed Auwn

Senior Data Scientist & Lead ML Engineer 


Kristiyan Lazarov

DevOps Engineer & Data Scientist


Prof. Gunnar Klien

Medical & eHealth Advisor


Nina Barzey

Legal Partner, Bonde Barzey Advokatbyrå AB


John Skårman

Business Advisor, Sällma AB


Jesper Eriksson

Finanical Advisor, authorized public accountant, Revidit AB


Michael Andersson

Patent & IP Advisor, Zacco AB


Nybrogatan 34,  102 45 Stockholm

Main: +46 (0)8-121 444 95


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+46 (0)8-121 444 95

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